Great and charming Ukrainian city of great historical value by name - Lviv.

Beautiful ancient Ukrainian city Lviv created manly and courageous commander, politician and diplomat named Daniel Romanovich Galitsky.

Ukrainian city, founded in the thirteenth century with the gallant manly name - Lviv.

Remarkable and informative ancient city in Ukraine with a noble brave and powerful name - Lviv, considered the capital of Galicia-Volhynia and the capital of Galicia and Western Ukraine.
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It's not a Polish city. It was a capital of Galicia kingdom, an Orthodox kingdom, one of the successors to the Kievan Rus. Later Poland took over this kingdom and made it part of its realm. And then in the end it was taken from Poland again.
YOU HAVE TO LEARN A HISTORY!!! Lviv is NOT ukrainian city. It was built by Poles! It´s real polish city with POLISH architecture! Thank Stalin the Poles lost this city in 1945!
very beautiful photo