First-class scenic photo of the central streets of Chicago, civilized capital of the Midwest United States.

Photos from the street of the city of Chicago, founder of tall buildings and the owner of the giant Sears Tower, and at the same time having the two banks of the river and two Calumet and Chicago, the latter is connected to the Des Plaines River. And as it is the abode of Chicago jazz, African-American culture, with its patron King Oliver and the history of the famous gangster Al Capone, who lived and thrived here.

Street of the city with a criminal gangster minded Chicago along Lake Michigan.

Stunning luxury street remarkable prominent Chicago (Cook County). An informal name of The Second City, Chicago, aka Big Country or simply Chicago. In this high-quality photo shows a street in the city, shrouded in twilight and prominent bright lights illuminating the pavement walkway golden lights.
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